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Key Achievements of PWO

Since its establishment, PWO has carried out different interventions that enabled it realize its mission including livelihood diversification and food security, natural resource management and environmental conservation, improved animal health services, disaster preparedness, risk reduction and management, pastoral education (particularly girls education), and gender and HIV/AIDS mainstreaming.

As summarized below the Organization has achieved tangible results that benefited large number of pastoral men and women:


Capacity Building and Empowerment

PWO has been implementing projects on pastoral capacity building and empowerment since 2006 both in Shinile and Dollo Ado woredas of Somali Regional State.  These projects were implemented in these areas with the principal objective of building the capacity and empower the pastoral communities so as to improve their livelihoods while reducing vulnerability to disaster. As a result, the capacities of woreda administration, woreda line offices and the local communities were improved in preparing woreda plans and community action plans respectively. Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), Community Driven Development (CDD) and Local Economic Development tools employed.  125 women were trained and supported in the preparation of business plans, 5 Kebele Development Committees were organized, trained and supported in the preparation of respective Community Action Plans (CAPs). Water management committees were organized and trained in the 4 kebeles.

Food Security and Livelihood activities

PWO has been implementing numbers of food security and livelihood related projects in Leben and Shinile zones since 2009.  Among these projects are Shinile Pastoral Development and Dollo Ado Small Scale Irrigation projects. In Shinile Prosopis clearing and use of lands for productive purposes were done. More than 10 hectares of Prosopis invaded land were cleared, cultivated/ploughed with tractor sowed with Sorghum. In the meantime, people were burned 150 quintals of charcoal and generated more than 10,000birr.






Contact address

Head Office

Yeka sub city, kebele 13/14,

House # 269

Tel +251(0)116626407/116182708

Fax +251(0)116639167

P.O.Box 21896 code 1000

E-mail: pworg@ethionet.et,

or pastoralistwalfare@yahoo.com

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia




Field office

Shinile Field Office

Shinile town

Telephone +251(0)251140172

Shinile, Ethiopia


Dollo Ado Field Office

Dollo Ado town


Dollo Ado, Ethiopia



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