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This are some description of the pictures of the Capacity Building and Empowerment and Food Security and Livelihood activities:

PWO has also constructed number of Birkas with 300m3-400m3 capacities in Shinile woreda as part of reducing risks of water shortages during drought period. The project constructed 4 Birkas that benefited more than 4500 people in the 4 kebeles.

These projects benefited women groups in improving their incomes. 125 women were organized into 5 saving and credit cooperatives, and obtained first loan cycle of Birr 3000/women.

The food security and livelihood projects suppoerted veterinary services in Shinile woreda. The project organized 20 vet scouts, trained and supported with drugs and equipments. The project also constructed vet drug dispensery centre at Shinile town ans equipped with the necessary materials(shelves, water, fence and electric light).

PWO has also implemented food security and livelihood project in Dollo Ado woreda. The project is benefiting 97 agro-pastoral households with 40 hectares. The organization supported agro-pastoralists in pump maintenance, tractor hours, seeds and fuel for the pump for 4 months.  In first phase 25 hectares was covered with Maize. Currently 500quintals was harvested and the second phase fodder production has started.




Contact address

Head Office

Yeka sub city, kebele 13/14,

House # 269

Tel +251(0)116626407/116182708

Fax +251(0)116639167

P.O.Box 21896 code 1000

E-mail: pworg@ethionet.et,

or pastoralistwalfare@yahoo.com

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia




Field office

Shinile Field Office

Shinile town

Telephone +251(0)251140172

Shinile, Ethiopia


Dollo Ado Field Office

Dollo Ado town


Dollo Ado, Ethiopia



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