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The PWO has been registered pursuant to the proclamation number 621/2009 article 142/25/ / A-H/ for the following purposes.

Ø  To improve the productivity and health of livestock resources that are at the hands of pastoralists,

Ø  To improve traditional natural resource conservation and management systems through  technical assistances and scaling up of best practices,

Ø To create and expand income generation and employment opportunities in the pastoral areas,

Ø  To enhance pastoral food security through integration of animal production and farming,


Ø  To enhance quality of education and enrolment through design and implementation of appropriate techniques,

Ø  To improve the health and other social services of pastoralists,

Ø  To reduce the current abject poverty and vulnerability risks through enhancing pastoral/agro-pastoral  livelihoods,

Ø  To promote and practice capacity building activities in pastoral areas, and

Ø  To support and rehabilitate for those affected by recurrent droughts, floods, disease outbreaks and related calamities.




Contact address

Head Office

Yeka sub city, kebele 13/14,

House # 269

Tel +251(0)116626407/116182708

Fax +251(0)116639167

P.O.Box 21896 code 1000

E-mail: pworg@ethionet.et,

or pastoralistwalfare@yahoo.com

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia




Field office

Shinile Field Office

Shinile town

Telephone +251(0)251140172

Shinile, Ethiopia


Dollo Ado Field Office

Dollo Ado town


Dollo Ado, Ethiopia



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