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Annual Reports

  • PWO 2010 SPDP Annual Report

    PWO has signed a project agreement on 29th June 2009 with a Norwegian Development Fund with the main components of Natural Resource Management (Prosopis management, control and utilization), Animal health, water supply, local government and pastoral community’s capacity buildings, and income generation activities for pastoral women groups. The overall goal of the project is to enhance the resilience capacities of pastoralists to recurrent droughts and other calamities. That aims to implementing the United Nations Convention on Combating Desertification (UNCCD) which includes promote sustainable land management and improve pastoral livelihoods, developing strategies for poverty eradication and food security including alternative livelihood projects and the development of pastoral markets with focus on women, support decentralization process including devolution of responsibility for management and decision making to local authorities and the active participation of traditional/customary institutions and enhancing the active participation of local communities including women groups.


  • PWO Resource Mobilization Strategy

    The purpose of this resources mobilization strategy manual is to explicate mechanisms of ensuring PWO´s financial sustainability. The main driver of the strategy development is the toughening competitions for funding and the need to improve PWO´s capacity so that it would ably play in the scene. This is believed to make PWO capable to materialize its pastoral and agro-pastoral development ambitions outlined in its strategic plan.


  • PWO Strategic Plan: Year 2011-2015

    This strategic plan was developed with broad involvement of all stakeholders (Board members, GOs, Donors, Beneficiaries and staff). In the strategic plan process, the executive body and key staff of PWO engagement was immense. The consulting firm has used the rational planning model, comparative analysis and Project portfolio analysis in develop the strategic plan.This model includes consideration of scanning internal and external environment, reassessing vision, mission, values and strategic goals, structures and resources, identification of comparative advantages, and project performances, among others.Based on the assessment, the next five year (2011-2015) road map is set out.


  • PWO Organizational Structure

    PFE has commissioned Wisdom Consult PLC to develop strategic plan, fund mobilization strategy, organizational structure, and manuals. Review of the organizational structure, job descriptions and salary study is part of the HR Manual updating.

  • PWO Human Resource Manual

    This Human Resource Policy and Procedures Manual provides a written reference to all policies, procedures and guidelines for staff and management in their day-to-day activities.


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Head Office

Yeka sub city, kebele 13/14,

House # 269

Tel +251(0)116626407/116182708

Fax +251(0)116639167

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E-mail: pworg@ethionet.et,

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Field office

Shinile Field Office

Shinile town

Telephone +251(0)251140172

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Dollo Ado Field Office

Dollo Ado town


Dollo Ado, Ethiopia



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