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The Pastoralist Welfare Organization (PWO) is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious and non-government organization. It has been established on October, 2003 and is currently re-registered with Charity and Society Agency (CSA) with registration number 0327.

PWO was initiated and established by pastoralist elders in Dollo Ado Woreda of Somali regional State in 2003. Its purpose is to improve the livelihoods of marginalized and disadvantaged pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in the region.

As part of its member organizations capacity building program, Pastoralist Forum Ethiopia (PFE) has recently received a grant from Task Force on Enabling Environment for CSOs in Ethiopia.  The Forum intended to apply part of this grant for procuring consultancy services for members’ institutional capacity building.

In line to the above, PFE has commissioned Wisdom Consult PLC to develop strategic plan, fund mobilization strategy, organizational structure, and manuals. Review of the organizational structure, job descriptions and salary study is part of the HR Manual updating.

Vision, mission and goal PDF Print E-mail

PWO has a vision of aspiring “to see empowered and self sustained pastoralist community in Ethiopia.”. The mission of PWO is to work with women and men pastoralists and partners towards improving socio-economic conditions of pastoralists through institutional capacity building, enhancing livelihood, protecting the environment, and minimizing vulnerability to disaster.  The goals of PWO are to contribute for the livelihood improvements, enhanced and strengthened traditional natural resource management systems and build the resilience capacity of pastoralists in reduction and management of risks.


Operational Values PDF Print E-mail

Core values are embraced as guide for PWO and its staff in their daily work. They instill confidence and clarity in dealing with other people and organizations. PWO has developed the following list of values through its past engagement in the civil society sector. Honesty and transparency, mutual accountability, equity and justice, neutrality, commitment to excellence, trusted partnership, participatory, gender balance/equality, credibility and reputability,  public satisfaction  and acceptance in all its undertakings.

Objectives PDF Print E-mail

The PWO has been registered pursuant to the proclamation number 621/2009 article 142/25/ / A-H/ for the following purposes.

Ø  To improve the productivity and health of livestock resources that are at the hands of pastoralists,

Ø  To improve traditional natural resource conservation and management systems through  technical assistances and scaling up of best practices,

Ø To create and expand income generation and employment opportunities in the pastoral areas,

Background PDF Print E-mail

Pastoralist Welfare Organization (PWO) is a non-partisan, non-for-profit, non-political, non-religious and non-governmental organization established in October 2003 by pastoralist elders and intellectuals in Dollo Ado woreda of Somali Region. The PWO is registered with Charities and Societies Agency (CSA) with registration # 0327.

The purpose of PWO is to improve the livelihoods of marginalized and disadvantaged pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in Somali Regional State. Even though there are few NGOs that are operating in the pastoral areas, there are knowledge gaps on local cultures, values and norms, thus there was a need to establish local NGO that fills the gap. Based on this, PWO came into existence.




Contact address

Head Office

Yeka sub city, kebele 13/14,

House # 269

Tel +251(0)116626407/116182708

Fax +251(0)116639167

P.O.Box 21896 code 1000

E-mail: pworg@ethionet.et,

or pastoralistwalfare@yahoo.com

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia




Field office

Shinile Field Office

Shinile town

Telephone +251(0)251140172

Shinile, Ethiopia


Dollo Ado Field Office

Dollo Ado town


Dollo Ado, Ethiopia



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